entertain family on budget

How to Keep Your Family Entertained Without Breaking Your Budget

Most people talk of balancing work and fun, but forget the importance of balancing their budget. You don’t have to spend huge sums of money to have quality time away from work. Entertainment does not have to take up much of your earnings. There are ways you can have fun and still leave enough money for other uses, as well as for savings. Your family can be kept entertained without breaking the budget. Here are few ideas that can help you do this:


We are used to taking a weekend away in far away and expensive spots, but have you ever thought that you could have even more fun when you use camping as an alternative? You can try camping in the backyard, your friend’s place, or having camp-overs at a location near your home, a place that doesn’t require hefty sums to have fun.

Some people even have a living room camp-over.  Just your mattress on the floor, use flashlights, plan some fun activities and you won’t even notice how time flies. You will have a good time without having to borrow or use your savings.

Visiting animal orphanages and nature centres

These are popular destinations for family members as they are fun, particularly for young children. The charges are relatively low, there may even be none. To cut costs further, carry a packed lunch and some water as well. Have some mats laid in one of the picnic spots. Luckily, in New Zealand, we’re not short of these places!

Have game nights

Game nights not only allow you to bond, but also serve as entertainment. You can play games such as monopoly, chess, cards, or any other game that will involve most, if not all, members of the family at once.

Take a walk in the park or a hike

If you feel that you have been indoors for too long, take a walk in the park or a hike as a family. Carry your own food and water, and some light mats or sheets, and also take a camera with you. This is not just another bonding session, but an inexpensive way for the family to have lots of fun.

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.