father’s day fun and free things

5 Fun and Free Things You Could do With Your Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching; you may be trying to decide how you will treat your Dad without breaking your budget. Luckily most Fathers understand, they don’t want their children spending a fortune on gifts, they appreciate the effort and the fact that you’re thinking of them. They’re not after gifts, they’re happy when you […]

keep track of unnecessary spending

Five Signs That You Have a Serious Spending Problem

Overspending is a serious issue; it makes us buy things that we don’t need, puts us into debt and prevents us from investing and achieving financial freedom. If you find yourself doing one or more of these things, you may have a serious spending problem.  You may need to adjust your lifestyle, control your spending […]

pay off the debt

Awesome Things to do With Your Leftover Budget Money

Sometimes we may have some leftover budget money due to various factors such as price drop or an overestimation. You may have estimated that you’ll need to buy a certain amount of groceries only to find that a quarter of this had been carried forward from the previous month. This means that this month you […]