mobile apps

How Apps Can Help Manage Your Money

Most of us who have a smartphone tend to have a lot of apps that do not have any real use besides entertainment, however, if you want to start becoming more organised and watch your spending habits, there’s an app for that. The apps below are divided by which ones are meant for organising, spending, […]

generic brands

What Items to Buy Generic and What Items to Skip

You may find yourself reading multiple articles that will advise you to skip the name brands, the truth is that sometimes it is worth spending the money on certain items. Some of us have gone through the pain of buying the cheap generic brands to save money and ended up regretting the money we spent […]

freelance-jobs for extra cash

5 Money Earning Websites

The Internet has now become not only a place for entertainment, but a place where you can start making some extra money when you need it. It’s very well possible that you could find a freelance job over the internet and start working from home, however, if you are one of those people or just […]


What You Should be Teaching Your Kids about Money

Some parents forget about the importance of teaching your kids about money from a young age so that they can develop good habits when they get older. This doesn’t mean that you have to teach them about loans, budgets, and taxes right away, but basic skills so they have a fighting chance in the real […]