father’s day fun and free things

5 Fun and Free Things You Could do With Your Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching; you may be trying to decide how you will treat your Dad without breaking your budget. Luckily most Fathers understand, they don’t want their children spending a fortune on gifts, they appreciate the effort and the fact that you’re thinking of them. They’re not after gifts, they’re happy when you show them you appreciate them and doing this may not cost you anything. Here are five fun and free things you can do with your Dad this Father’s Day.

Taking your Dad out

It may have been some time since you and your dad went out to spend some quality time together. Use this Father’s Day to give Dad a special treat. Choose an activity that your Dad enjoys. For example, if he likes the outdoors you could visit the park. Prepare a picnic lunch to save even more money.

Take your dad to see his parents

Arrange with your Grandma and Grandad to cook a special meal for your Dad, if you can do his childhood favorite that’s even better. Surprise him by taking him on a trip to see his Mum and Dad. Let them spend quality time, if it’s a distance, make early arrangements to cut on costs. A gesture like this will be something special for your Dad and he’ll appreciate it.

Invite him over to your house

Invite your Dad to your place and allow him enough time to spend with his grandchildren. Let them play games together, this is the best gift you can give to your Father, it will make him feel valued and appreciated.

Take an evening walk, drive or a run

It might have been a while since you had a heart to heart talk with your dad, take advantage of Father’s day and take him out with you for a walk, run or drive. Find a quiet place, sit and talk for as long as you want. This will be refreshing for you and your Dad.

Hold a surprise party or get-together

Involve other family members in treating your Dad on this special day, hold a surprise get-together in appreciation for what he has done for you as a family. Holding the event jointly allows exchange of ideas as well as sharing costs such as food expenses.

You’ll make your dad happy and proud, he’ll appreciate everything and it’ll also make you happy knowing that you treated your Dad without having to break the bank.

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.