how to save money on utility bills

5 of the Best Ways to Save Money on Utility Bills This Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and as we know with this season the utility bills, especially energy costs, are likely to surge due to high consumption. Here are five ideas that can help save you money on utility bills this winter:

Keep yourself warm

Winter will always be cold, that’s a fact, therefore plan in advance. Have some warm clothes set aside for this season. Make sure you are warm and throw some rugs on the hardwood floors. This will not cost you anything but will go a long way in ensuring that you and the house are warm, eliminating the need to switch on the heating system. You will end up saving yourself a substantial amount of money.

Seal off unused doors and windows

You will find that some doors and windows are rarely used during winter, as opening these can play a big role in lowering the temperatures in the room. They may come in handy during hot or warm seasons, but with winter, they need to be covered. Sealing them with plastic can reduce cold air circulation, reducing the amount of energy needed to make the room warm. To further cut on the costs, instead of plastic sheeting, blankets can be hung to serve as an insulator.

Tone down the heating

Although you need to keep your house warm, you do not require constant heat. Turning it down/off at night or when there is no one in the house can help in cutting down on the cost of heating. invest in a programmable thermostat and you will save by adjusting the system when required.

Take advantage of heat from the oven

Once you have cooked, you will notice that there is more heat in the house. Let it escape and you will have made the house warmer, eliminating the need to switch on the heat system, at least for some time. This will reduce the bills no matter how small. If this becomes a habit, over time the amount saved will be significant.

Seal all the cracks

If there is a time when you need to repair your house, it’s during winter. Ensure that all the cracks are sealed in windows, doors and skirting. This reduces the chances of heat loss.

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.