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Save cash with these 6 tricks for storing food

We all know how the food prices just keep going up – especially in winter. This article might, hopefully, help you save a few dollars by helping you keep the food you buy fresh, for longer.

Use an ethylene gas neutraliser

The ripening of fruit and vegetables is started by a natural, harmless gas called ethylene. Emitted by fruits and vegetables during storage, it accelerates the ripening process, eventually causing fresh produce to lose shelf life. There are products sold in New Zealand supermarkets that absorb ethylene, therefore prolonging the life of your fruit and vegetables, ultimately saving you cash!

Cut & freeze

Clean, dry, peel and cut vegetables with a short shelf life and freeze them to use later if you are not able to use them now – this trick also works for herbs such as dill, basil and parsley. This way, not only can you save cash by using the produce you would otherwise have thrown out; this way, you can also prepare for winter (when the vegetable prices go through the roof) if you all this in autumn – when food costs less.

“Best before” doesn’t equal “Expires on”

The “best before” date indicates the length of time within which the product will still taste good – so you can still consume it past that date; however, the expiration date shows that the product is no longer safe to be eaten/drunk after the specified date. The golden rule is to use your nose and eyes to determine whether the product can still be consumed – you can also check out this useful infographic for more info on the shelf life of food.

Use foods that are about to expire

If the foods are approaching their expiry date or are starting to lose their lustre, cook them before it reaches the point in which you have to throw them away. One of the easiest dishes you can make with old produce is a stir fry; you could also try making banana bread out of old bananas.

Use airtight containers

Store your leftovers in containers and any fruits and vegetables that you have chopped into pieces. The seals keep the air out which helps the food stay fresh longer. Storing peeled onions and garlic in containers could also be a good idea, as it will prevent other food in the fridge smelling like it.

Throw out the bad apple

Carefully look at your produce and throw out ones that are rotting because it can cause the surrounding foods to spoil faster as well. Mould spreads really quickly, so be sure to trash anything that has already been affected by it.

Taking into consideration the ever-increasing food prices, the tips above could save you tens or even hundreds of dollars. However, if you need cash now to get to next pay cheque, remember that our service may be of help.

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.