Instant fast cash loans

fast-payday-loansNeed money fast, but your next pay is days away? Many of us know what it’s like to be under pressure of trying to pay an unexpected bill when you don’t have enough money to do so. If you have found yourself struggling to pay for an unexpected expense or a higher-than-usual power bill, consider applying for a fast credit loan with us.

Fast loans for past bad credit – working Kiwis only

We will lend a percentage of your average pay cheque to make sure it’s affordable to repay. Cash Loan specializes in little cash loans for busy working Kiwis with a fixed regular income (if you are on a benefit and that is your sole source of income – sorry, we won’t be able to help). Cash shortfalls happen to all of us, we understand – and we are ready to lend a helping hand.

Our processes are completely transparent, honest and open. We also always try to make sure we provide loans in manageable amounts, so that repayments are affordable.

As soon as your next pay cheque comes in, pay your cash advance off or arrange to pay it back in up to six weekly instalments (up to three if you are paid fortnightly, and just one repayment is allowed if you get paid monthly). It’s an easy and trusted way to get a fast credit loan when you are employed and are a New Zealand resident or citizen.

Credit checks?

We reserve the right to do credit checks but usually don’t need to.

We are proud to call ourselves a responsible lender – we offer fair, convenient services and always use our lending guidelines and practices to try to guard you against over-commitment. But it is important for you to make a budget in order to ensure affordability of our service prior to applying – so please be a responsible borrower.

Borrow up to $1000 with Cash Loan today.*

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* Terms and a small fee applies to the 30 minute option - refer to the loan application process for details.