Cash relief needed for a mid-week cash crisis?

cash-reliefMid-week cash shortage can be a reality for many and we understand that many people are simply not in a position to cover it if there is an unexpected expense involved. That is where we come in – we provide NZ cash relief to people with regular incomes and as long as you are a working New Zealand resident or citizen 18 years old or over, the chance of you qualifying are really good – so read on and apply with us in confidence!

No banks

Needing a little cash top up between pays is nothing to be ashamed of, and we make sure the process is easy and fast. It can all be completed in the comfort of your own home or office. Forget banks and waiting around: we understand that urgency may be required and work to try and process your cash relief application as soon as possible.

Easy application, fast payment

It is super easy to qualify and apply for a cash relief loan from us. Simply go through the cash loan application, receive the documents, read them through – and if you agree with the repayment amounts and dates, digitally sign them and get them back to us along with your supporting documentation.

We will promptly review the application and send you an e-mail and a TXT message in regard to our lending decision. If your cash relief application is successful, you could receive the money in your bank as an overnight deposit or within 30 minutes* if you choose our fast payment option.

* Conditions and a small fee apply to this option if selected.

A cash relief loan may help you get back on track

We understand that being in a short-term tight financial situation can be really stressful and that all you can think of in times like that is getting quick cash relief. Short-term services like ours can be a great financial instrument – however, we strongly encourage our prospective and existing customers to plan their budgets prior to applying. Also consider asking friends or family, because it could be a cheaper option than getting a payday loan. Only you can decide if the cost of it is worth it to resolve today’s financial issue.