How to get cash now?

cash-nowDo you need cash now, but your next pay is days away? Many of us have been in a tight situation when we needed a bit of extra money to get us through to the next pay cheque. You may have different reasons for needing a little advance on pay – such as, for example, a family emergency, a dental bill or car repairs.

Give me cash now: stress-free and confidential

You have probably tried to source the cash from friends or family members, but they have not been able to help you out; and often the more traditional lending institutions like the bank, cannot or do not want to lend, especially if your credit history is not perfect. Maybe you simply do not want to approach any of them because you don’t want to be asked to fill out tonnes of paperwork in order to get just a few hundred dollars – or, most probably, you need a hassle-free and fast short-term cash loan until your next pay. Don’t make the situation more stressful that it already may be and consider applying for unsecured cash now from us.

Second chance cash loans

Our bad credit loans (or some people call them “second chance loans”) are available even if you have had black marks on your credit history, because our decision is based on your current ability to repay the cash loan, not solely on the financial events of your past. We like giving people second chances by lending them a helping hand when they need it most. If all you need is a bit of extra cash right now – avoid borrowing more than you need from the bank and having to pay off a long-term loan by getting exactly the amount you need that you will repay next time you get paid (or over up to six easy instalments).

We are offering fair, convenient, transparent experience. If you are looking for cash now, please apply with us and we can provide virtually instant pre-qualification and, if your application is successful, an overnight or same day cash loan (conditions apply – refer to the loan application form for details on timing of funds to you and any fees involved).