Cash in advance

cash-advanceDo you feel stressed because you need extra cash to pay for car repairs or maybe to finance an urgent visit to the dentist, and your next pay seems just too far away? You might have heard about a cash advance on next pay, and if you are wondering if getting one could possibly help you out of your short-term financial struggle, if you meet our criteria the answer is probably “Yes”.

What is cash advance NZ

A NZ cash advance is a small loan that may help cover a gap in between paydays. If you have found yourself struggling to pay for car repairs, an overdue bill or a family emergency and your next pay is just around the corner, taking out a cash advance from us could be a convenient short-term financial solution.

We offer convenient, transparent services that help New Zealanders get through to their next pay without having to wait around for days to get their applications approved. You do it all online – and very quickly.

Get on top of things with cash advance loans

Don’t let your short-term money predicament get the better of you, quick loans are a reality with us. Just fill out the application form to get the process going, and you won’t believe how simple and quick the process is.

A lender you can trust

Sit back and let our friendly customer service team do it all – we will look into different aspects of the prospective customer’s financial situation and ability to make repayments. We use our responsible lending guidelines to guard against over borrowing so you can be free to get on with your life as soon as your next pay arrives.