Credit loans when you have past bad credit

bad-credit-loansHistorical bad credit most probably will not affect your application with us. We reserve the right to do credit checks. And while there is no such thing as guaranteed bad credit loans, we have high approval rates, so please apply with us in confidence.

Past bad credit may be fine

We may be able to help, even if you have previously been through:

  • Collections;
  • Defaults;
  • Judgements;

And while other companies can penalise you, we do not let it unnecessarily affect your personal cash loan application. When we are reviewing a loan application, what we look at is the prospective borrower’s ability to repay the cash loan on the agreed date rather than the credit issues they may have had in the past. Many of our customers have had black marks on their credit history in the past, but that did not prevent them from getting a loan from us, so apply today in confidence.

Loans for people with past bad credit

Having said that, we also need to mention that we require our prospective and existing clients to complete a budget prior to applying for a fast cash loan – be their credit rating perfect or bad. You are also welcome to use our tools, such as the cash loan Calculator, to help you with the decision before you go ahead. It will calculate the maximum amount you may be eligible to borrow from us, and from there simply enter the amount you would like to borrow, over how many repayments you would like to pay your bad credit loan back, and what day would be your first repayment date. It will calculate the estimated repayment amounts based on that, so feel free to play with this useful tool until you find that perfect combination of repayments that will best suit your short-term financial requirements.

Credit checks

We reserve the right to do credit checks. You can also rest assured that apart from one anonymous call, we will not contact your employer or any other third party during the approval process. It will stay as confidential as is possible.