Looking for a trusted online cash loan lender?

about-usDo you find yourself struggling to get money together to pay for an unexpected bill? Are you not in the position to ask for a loan from friends or family?

Questions like these can plague anyone – but they don’t have to. If you face any of these issues, you may have come to the right place – at Cash Loan we specialise in fast and easy short-term loans that can get you out of a tight financial spot.

Why apply for a loan from us?

  • The process is all done online – no need to go to the bank or a store or deal with piles of paperwork;
  • The loans are unsecured, so your assets (such as a house or a car) will not be tied to the loan;
  • We generally don’t need to contact your employer during the approval process (other than an anonymous call);
  • We reserve the right to do credit checks;
  • We have a fast payment option available which means if you are approved, you could receive the money in your bank within 30 minutes* if you choose our fast payment option.
  • We offer a fast, friendly and efficient customer service.

* Conditions and a small fee apply to this option if selected.

We are NZ registered

We support the New Zealand Government requirement for Financial Service Providers to register with the Registrar of Financial Service Providers in order to conduct business in New Zealand. We have registered and our registration number is FSP298566.

Online money paid as soon as today

Our no-obligation online application process lets you apply online 24/7 *, which means you can complete the loan application form at any time of the day or night. If you feel that it would be a suitable solution for your short-term financial problem – simply go through the online application. You will be under no obligation to proceed, which means you can apply a few times for different combinations of cash loan amounts and numbers of repayments. Go ahead with the personal cash loan combination of repayments that suit YOUR needs and pay cycle.

* All applications received will be processed during normal business hours.

Fast cash loans on YOUR terms

We will not make you borrow more than you need – you get to pick the number of repayments yourself, which means that you will be able to take out exactly what you need to bridge the gap in-between your pay days. By not enticing you into unnecessary over-borrowing, and lending only a percentage of your regular income, we try to ensure the affordability of our service.

So if you have asked yourself if you could wait until your next pay, and the answer was “No”; and if you are confident that you can afford taking out a cash loan from us, feel free to APPLY NOW!