Cash Loans Online From a Trusted Lender

Why choose Cash Loan?

Cash Loan is a trusted, responsible online lender that specialises in short-term personal cash loans in New Zealand. If you have been hit by an unexpected expense and found yourself struggling to get to your next pay day, using our service could be a simple and convenient solution to your mid-week money troubles. Please note that this is to be used strictly for short-term purposes.

Our service is running online 24/7, which means that you are able to use our website and apply online anytime, from anywhere - without even having to leave your desk.

We offer a convenient short-term financial solution

We offer our fast cash loans for people with past bad credit, too – we assess your ability to repay the loan, just look at the black marks on your credit history. We like giving second chances - and it is easy to qualify, as long as you are a New Zealander employed full-time and are 18 years old or over. Get an instant online pre-approval, send any requested documents, get approved within a matter of minutes and receive the money overnight or as soon as in 30 minutes (conditions apply).

Credit checks?

We usually do not undertake credit checks or employer verification (other than one anonymous call) during the approval process. However we reserve the right to do these. We offer confidential (as much as possible), honest and flexible services to employed Kiwis. We will lend only a percentage of the regular income as the way of ensuring the affordability of our services - we are a responsible lender.

Apply for a cash loan and get the money today

We have gathered a lot of useful information about cash loan services in New Zealand - have a browse though this website and decide if applying with us would be a suitable solution for your short-term financial emergency. And if you would like to go ahead, just go through our simple application process - if approved, you will get the cash advance overnight or within half an hour after the final approval! (conditions apply).
If you need more information, please go to the How does it work? page.